About us

Founded in 1985, Sanabel Landscape Architecture | Urban Design & Planning emerged to address the clear absence of landscape as a concept in the Jordan market. The founders, Hassan Al Jaajaa and Razan Zuayter recognized that the urban sprawl in Amman was effectively swallowing up the potential of green public and private spaces.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Sanabel is an award-winning landscape architecture and urban design firm that is committed to using a holistic landscape approach in order to produce spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable and socio -culturally oriented. The firm further integrates a collaborative participatory process that engages the community, including project stakeholders and partners alike.

What We Do

Sanabel offers Landscape and Urban Design services to assorted residential, commercial, educational, health, spiritual and public institutions across the Middle East. We specialize in three inter-related fields:

  • Design Consultancy: The joint efforts and commitment of our experienced team bring about optimal design solutions in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design & City Planning. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to provide advice, answer questions and develop studies to assist our clientele.
  • Consulting and Research: Combining science with practice allows us to provide technical advice and specialized studies in the fields of Agriculture & Horticulture, Permaculture and Agro-Ecology, Green Rating Systems and Xeriscape, and Urban Research.
  • Supervision & Project Management: Sanabel is entrusted with representing the client to make sure the landscape scope is executed as per the designs and specifications and is maintained as per the industry’s best practices. This is achieved through its team of field engineers and office support. The service features Supervision on Implementation and Supervision on Maintenance in addition to Project Management, where Sanabel strives to control the project’s cost –including value engineering-, time and quality and further coordinate between different contractors on behalf of the client.

Our Values

Sanabel's design philosophy and core values are guided by a comprehensive landscape approach that takes into account the spatial context with all its elements, including aesthetic, practical, environmental, cultural, modern and economic.


Sustainable, Economic Factors

For its smart designs, Sanabel applies sustainable, cost-efficient landscaping practices, namely identifying the natural characteristics of plots in terms of macro and micro climates, native and adaptable low-maintenance plants and compatible materials.

Socio-Cultural, Modern Identity

Sanabel expertly merges local, traditional roots with modern, futuristic design by consistently aspiring for innovation while meeting the highest international standards.



We aim to render our sites highly functional while respecting its aesthetic dimension.  


Humane Space

We approach projects by balancing the lines and elements of design to present comfortable, livable human spaces for the communities and users



We aim to create beautiful landscape designs, while maintaining a delicate balance between the location, function and panoramic views of each entity.



Sanabel consistently develops smart ecological design solutions using local and natural resources such as xeriscape designs and permaculture systems, for a green, environmentally-friendly approach.

M/S Sanabel executed and exercised their works with a very high quality, and they were precise and on time. I gladly recommend M/s Sanabel for similar projects.

Eng. Yousef Abu Samra

Project Manager at Dar AL Omran
This is to certify that we, Jordan Heritage Revival Company, have employed Sanabel to design the Archery Field around the Hellenistic Temple in Um Qais whereby we found their services of excellent quality. They have managed to submit designs and consultations that are accurate, well studied, aesthetically pleasing and professional. If asked, we would undoubtedly recommend Sanabel’s services.

Mr. Muayyad Abu Rumman

This is to certify that we, Arabtech Jardaneh, have been working with Messrs. Sanabel on many of our projects throughout the past years, whereby we found their services of excellent quality. They have managed to submit designs and consultations that are accurate, well studied, aesthetically pleasing and professional, while always meeting the set deadlines. If asked, we would undoubtedly recommend Sanabel’s services.

Eng. Maysoun Dissi

Business Development Manager at Arabtech Jardaneh

Team & Leadership

Hassan AL Jaajaa

Director - Partner

Razan Zuayter

Director - Partner

Zeena AL Jaajaa

CEO / Head of Design

Mohamad AL Jaajaa

COO & Head of the Irrigation Department

Rana Khresheh

Senior Architect

Rawan Abdil Jalil

Architect & Urban Design

Walaa Khader

Office Manager

Sameh Hejab

Logistic department